Jan 10 2022

So, I downsized my studio, well I still have my studio but I moved my drawing easel upstairs to my bedroom. Why? Well I figured I don’t really need a lot of space for my drawing tools. Also, I wanted to be able to draw any time I wanted, during nights I can’t sleep, I figured I could just get up and walk over to my easel and draw. Now I have a place where I can use my pencils and keep my drawing studio for painting. I’m planning on creating lots more art, both drawing and painting - stay tuned!!

Dec 31 2021

I am sorry I haven't been around much, the truth is, I lost myself behind depression and severe anxiety from CPTSD. I had a bad trigger which caused me to isolate myself, lose interest in the things I loved doing such as drawing. I found myself slipping down a downward spiral out of control. I tore up some of my drawings, I destroyed some of my art supplies, and I beat myself up. I needed to take time to seek help and do what I needed to do to get better, to get back to being ME.

I am feeling better and I started drawing again. I have started my latest drawing of Kate over again because she was one of the drawings I tore up. It's not easy living with CPTSD, I feel ashamed, embarrassed, but I am slowly and cautiously walking along my own personal journey of healing - one step at time.

Nov 24 2021

Hello! Thank you for visiting my site and my blog. I thought I would share a small video showing my circulism technique I use to create skin tone and texture. I use various hand pressure to achieve light and dark tones, more pressure for darker tone and lighter pressure for light tone. I'm not making actual circles, it's more like a circular motion.

(please excuse the television commercial in the background, lol)

Aug 28 2021

My heart aches, but today it aches just a little bit more. Today marks the 34th anniversary of my baby sister's passing to suicide. I remember that awful day as if it were today. Who ever says time heals all wounds, lied; at least in my case. The pain I feel for so long won't go away. My CPTSD is flaring up terribly, almost to the point where I feel I need to seek help. I AM OK though! Thank GOD that I have art in my life. Drawing helps me to cope. When I am in my studio room drawing, it's such a spiritual time for me. It's a time when I am alone, just me and the demons that continue to haunt me from a tragic childhood. I go through many emotions, guilty, shame, fear, anger... ultimately I start to feel a slight peacefulness, perhaps it's my sister looking down on me or maybe it's GOD, maybe a combination of both. I don't but right now, I need that peace, so I am going to retreat into my darkened studio for awhile.....